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Mark McCullagh

Associate Professor and Chair,
Department of Philosophy

I am a philosopher at the University of Guelph, in the very pleasant city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  (It’s pronounced “gwelf.”)  My academic training was at the University of Toronto and the University of Pittsburgh where I completed my PhD under the direction of Robert Brandom.


Fall 2016
PHIL 3250 (Philosophy of Language)
Winter 2017
PHIL 4390, (Selected Topics in Philosophy III) cross-listed with PHIL 6940 (Selected Topics II)

In addition to chairing the department I am an Executive Editor (there are 12) of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

Research [publications]
These days I’m interested in (and collaborating with Juhani Yli-Vakkuri on) the semantics and pragmatics of distributed utterances: utterances that are (more than usually) spread out in time or space, or made partly by one speaker and partly by another. (The simplest example is a slow utterance of “Now I’m starting my sentence, and now I’m finishing it.”) From the standpoint of formal semantics, a change in time or location is handled the same as a change in speaker: as an intra-sentential change in a context parameter. Kaplan’s “Logic of Demonstratives” can be modified to handle such phenomena, although there are interesting issues that arise in the modified system concerning validity and utterance-truth. As concerns pragmatics, however, a change in speaker is a very different thing from a change in time or location. My view is that we use so-called “scare quotes” to mimic the effect of such a change. These cases challenge our conception of assertion in some interesting ways.

Aside from that work, I continue to pursue my interest in the theory of concept possession, in particular the challenges to it posed by the phenomena first highlighted in Benson Mates’s famous examples of multiple embeddings in attitude verbs.


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Dept of Philosophy
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